2005 B.F.A. in Oriental Painting, Seoul National University
2010 M.F.A. in Oriental Painting, Seoul National University
2021 Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Seoul National University

Solo Exhibition

2017 A Dialectic Anthology (Hanmi Gallery, Seoul)
2014 The Reason of Painting the Forest (Gallery Chosun, Seoul)
2012 Dialogue between a Fisher and Woodcutter (Gong Art Space, Seoul)
2011 Humming (KEPCO, Seoul)
2009 Paradise of Fish (Artspace-hyun, Seoul)
2007 Paintings of the Happiness of Fish (Gallery La Mer, Seoul)

Group Exhibition

Ecology of Mind (Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju)

The Resting Place for all my life (Sanjichon gallery, Jeju)

KOREANISM (Bon Gallery, Seoul)
AXIS2019 (021Gallery, Daegu)
4+1point of view (Government complex, Seoul)
Gaya-Gimhae (Shinsegae Gallery, Daegu)
Landscape in Mind (Hanwon Museum, Seoul)
Art Busan (Bexco, Busan)

Complete My Space (All that Curating, Seoul)
借景-Borrowed Landscape (Woljeon Museum of Art, Icheon)
Landscape of Seoul (Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul)
Reinterpreted Landscape (Sun Gallery, Seoul)

Beyond Korean Style Painting-Reality and Sense
(Muan Seung woo Oh Museum of Art, Muan)
Waiting for Spring (Gyeongui Line Book Street, Seoul)
Two Perspectives (Nanji Gallery, Seoul)
Prologue (Hanmi Gallery, Seoul)
Coexistence (Seoul Art Foundation, Seoul)

Journey to a Fluid Island (Kumho Museum, Seoul)
Half-opened Door (Insa Art Space, Seoul)
Art Gyeonggi Start up (Pangyo Techno Valley, Pangyo)
Mix & Match (Korean Cultural Center, Shanghai)
Healing Garden (KSD Gallery, Seoul)

Enter My World (Nefs Art Gallery, Seoul)
The First (Seoul Art Foundation, Seoul)
Seoul Art Fair (COEX, Seoul)

Affinity 90 (Gallery Chosun, Seoul)
Muk Line (Sungkyunkwan University Gallery, Seoul)
The Other Art Fair (Reissue Korea, London)
Art and Ideal (Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul)

5mm x7 (Goyang Art Studio Gallery, Goyang)
Ha Jung-woong Young Artists Invitation Exhibition (Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju)
Reality, Between Representation and Autonomy (Gyeongnam Art Museum, Changwon)
The Butterfly Dream (Guro Arts Valley , Seoul)
Art Road 77 (Heyri, Paju)
The World Beyond Triviality (Atelier Aki, Seoul)
Another Chain Bridge (Korean Cultural Center Hungary, Budapest)
Green Painting (Gallery H, Daegu)
Fictional Landscape (Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju)
Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair HK(Blume Gallery, Hong Kong)
自有我在 (Gyeonghuigung Annex Building of Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)

A Room With a View (Keumsan Gallery, Heyri)
Nanji Art Show-Island of the Artist (Nanji Gallery, Seoul)
So·But·And (Gallery Golmok, Seoul)

LEEHWAIK Gallery 10th Anniversary (LEEHWAIK Gallery, Seoul)
Holic (Speedom Gallery, Gwang Myeong)
Summer Fan (Gong Art Space, Seoul)
Flower, Water, Tree (Jang Heung Art Park, Jang Heung)
Reinterpretation (Gallery Cha, Seoul)
Korean Painting Society Annual Exhibition (Gallery Chosun, Seoul)

Art in Dialogue (SNU GwanAkSa Space599, Seoul)
Korea-Russia International Art Exchange Exhibition (Central House of Artists, Moskva)
Spring, Into Drawing (Cafe FANCO, Seoul)

Zoom in-The trace of imagination (Gallery Miso, Seoul)
Tri-Vista of Korea (Salon de H, Seoul)
L_i_n_k_e_d (Keumsan Gallery, Blume Gallery, Paju)
Art Road77-With art, with artist! (93museum, Heyri, Paju)
Painting the Midland of Expression (KEPCO Plaza Gallery, Seoul, Sunshine International Museum, Beijing)
Salon des Arts Seoul (aT Center, Seoul)
In the Flower Garden (63SkyArt Gallery, Seoul)
Review the Old and Learn the New (Gana art Gallery, Seoul)

The SNU Anniversary Exhibition (Museum of Art SNU, Seoul)
Many Colors Common Sense (Gallery Zandari, Seoul)
Interalia Young Artists Promotion (Interalia, Seoul)

Seoul Art Fair (Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul)
Hands-on Exhibition of Minhaw for Children (Gyeonggi Provincial Museum, Yongin)
Funny Sculpture & Funny Painting (Gallery Sejul, Seoul)
Korea Young Artists` Exhibition(Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris)
Hello Chelsea! (PS35 gallery, New York)
Gallery NV Two Person Exhibition (Gallery NV, Seoul)
Jung Gallery Young Artist Project (Gallery Jung, Seoul)
Big Paintings Go To the World (LEEHWAIK Gallery, Seoul)
Korea Young Artists` Exhibition (Gallery GAIA, Seoul)

View Finder of YAP (Gallery Jung, Seoul)
Preview_Artist Network Program (Team_Preview Alternative Space, Seoul)
The New Form and Spirit (Gallery GAIA, Seoul)
Invited Exhibition of Korean Excellent Art Graduate Students (Gallery Danwon, Ansan)
Modern Korean Art Today & Tomorrow Exhibition (Lee Hyung Art Center, Seoul)

The New Form and Spirit (Gallery Dukwon, Seoul)
Beauty‧Strength (Gallery CCOTT, Seoul)

Art Bank (National Museum of Contemporary Art), Seoul National University, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul Dragon City

2012, 2014, 2017 Seoul Foundation for Artist Support Program (Seoul Foundation for Arts&Culture)

2013 Ha Jung-woong Young Artists Awards (Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju)

2012 Nanji Residency (Seoul Museum of Art)

2013 Goyang Art Studio (National Museum of Contemporary Art)

2016 Arko Creative Academy (Arts Council Korea)

2018 OCI Residency (OCI Museum of Art)

2020 Arts Council Korea Residency Support Program

2020 GyeongGi Cultural Foundation Art GyeongGi Program

2020 Cite Internationale des arts (Paris, France)